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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Printer

Printer Broken Repair

As what memes say, a printer can smell fear and deadlines that are the reason why it decides to stop working all of a sudden. Smashing or kicking it won’t help you speed up the recovery period, it might only damage it more.

Knowing these basic maintenance routines will help your printer be in its best performance as possible.

Don’t Overstrain It
Each printer has a monthly duty cycle. This is a number that gives the user an estimate on how many sheets of paper your printer can print every month. Going overboard with this limit every time may harm your printer in the long run. If you are planning to print loads in your printer, consider the duty cycle before purchasing one to avoid encountering problems in the future. Overworking or overtraining is the leading cause of death for printers.

Double Check Before You Print
This can save you not only time but also ink consumption and duty cycle. A mistake every time you print will make you write more and throw the broken ones. This will cause you to reach your monthly duty cycle faster, and will only harm your printer in return.

Invest in Maintenance
A maintenance kit is available for every printer. You can buy one to your trusted shops if you are willing to pay extra to extend the life of your printer. But if you don’t have this extra money, you can always stick to the basics. A simple, yet holistic clean up once a month will help you prolong a printer’s life. Unlike cars, printers do not have a particular check-up schedule. As an owner, you have to be sensitive to this part.
How to maintain a printer

Always have a Quality Reserve
Used up and empty cartridge and toners stuck in your printer can also be a common reason for the malfunction. It’s always better to have an extra set so you can change it immediately. Aside from convenience, this can also equip you from future printing emergencies. Buying cheap ones should also be avoided. As tempting as it can be, always resist to this black hole. It will not ruin your printer on the first use, but it will keep up with you months from purchasing cheap alternatives.

Give it some Tenderness
Paper jam? Go easy on it. It’s not your printer’s fault that some of the sheets got stuck. No need to lift your hand in frustration. Also, remember to start and shut down your printer in the right way. Shut it down when you are not using it anymore to prevent ink from drying. A little love for your printer can save it from sudden death.