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5 Important Things to Look for When Buying a Keyboard

Buying Keyboard GuideAs a gamer, typist or a regular user, the many types of keyboards available on the market can be confusing, and you just might be wondering what to look for when choosing the right keyboard for the job. Well, you are at the right place. The following guide contains things you are supposed to watch out for when looking to get the right keyboard.

Keyboard Buying Guide


This means that you get to choose between a wired or wireless keyboard.
The benefits of a wireless keyboard are that you don’t need to connect up wires as most work with Bluetooth or WIFI. The downside to these keyboards is that they sometimes can lose signal and become unresponsive as well as a total failure when the battery dies. Typists mainly prefer it.
Benefits of a wired keyboard are that they remain responsive and one does not have to worry about battery life since they rely on the computer for power. The downside here remains that they can be messy due to their long wires which can make locomotion very difficult. Gamers mostly prefer this keyboard.

A typical user can choose any of the two since they do not have a particular use they need to perform.


Silver computer keyboardThe three types of switches found on a keyboard are scissors switches and silicone dome switches, and it is important to know about them and what sets them apart.

Silicone dome switches, on the other hand, have a membrane under each key. The key has to travel a longer distance to register causing a light effect which resembles a rather forced typing mechanism. They are the cheapest of the three types.

Scissors switches are reliable and durable keys that have a plunger under them, this allows for a shorter key travel distance for more accurate and faster typing.

Mechanical keys are the third type of keys, and these are more tactile of the three due to the even shorter key travel distance. They also produce a satisfying click when pressed and happen to be the most expensive of the three.

Scissors keys are more durable than silicon dome keys and are usually also more costly.


The kind of keyboard is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the right keyboard to use. There are principally two types of keyboards available on the market today each with different features.

The standard keyboard is the most widely used and has the following functions:
· Possess QWERTY keys either with or without a number pad.
· Will have dedicated function keys as well as basic media control keys.
· Will have scissors switches in place as well as silicon dome keys for the budget types.

Ergonomics of keyboardThe gaming or mechanical keyboard is the second type of keyboard that is mostly used by hard core gamers. This keyboard, unlike the standard keyboard, has the following features.
· May contain anti-ghosting technology for the serious gamer.
· Have swappable WASD keys in place.
· Possess programmable micro-commands.
· May come with a metal chassis
· Contain LED backlighting for use as a playing aid to pick out individual keys with ease even under minimum illumination.
· Primarily will have mechanical keys which are very responsive and good for gaming.


Use across different devices or ease of carrying your keyboard maybe a top priority for you hence you have to look for portability. Keyboards especially wireless ones are more compact, can be used on by different devices regardless of brand and are made of light-weight materials that can even be folded.


Ergonomics refers to the design of a product to suit the work it is intended for. When looking for a keyboard one must put ergonomics into perspective and ensure that it has features that they desire to accomplish their needs successfully. Most full sized keyboards will have advanced media buttons and hot keys that allow one perform different tasks by pressing a single button or change music volumes. They will also have number pads available. Standard and small keyboards lack individual keys and number pads which usually impact on their functionalities.


Guide to Buying the Perfect Computer Mouse

Buying perfect computer mouse

There are many kinds of mouse available in the market depending price and their function. So what should you look at while buying a mouse? Here is some information that might help you to find the best one that you are looking for.

Time to bin your old mouse? Considering a new mouse.

1. Wired or Wireless?

There are two main types – wired or wireless and the decision is down to your personal preference.

Battery: You don’t have to worry about recharging the battery as it’s very annoying when the battery runs out while you are doing something important. A wired mouse has a longer life and more reliable. From a cost point, they are cheaper, while a wireless mouse is a new technology and you don’t have messy and annoying cables around the desk. From the user experience, 70% people prefer a wired mouse.

2. Optical or Laser?

An optical mouse uses infrared vs. laser mouse which uses invisible light to track the movement of the pattern. For an optical mouse, it requires a pad to work well where as laser mouse can function well on the surface even with less texture and without mouse pad but the price of a laser mouse is more than an optical mouse.

3. Is it the right fit?

A well-designed mouse should comfortably fit the user’s hand. To reduce wrist extension, one should choose that’s on the flatter side. Most of the mouse are tagged as full sized, but there are travel alternatives which are sometimes referred as travel mice. They are ideal for packing away in your laptop bag when you are traveling.

4. What kind of job your mouse will be doing?

Keyboard and mouseBasic Users: Any mouse with reasonable price, durability in style and color that you like, but choose the one that has a suitable size and fit well.

Advanced Users: Mouse with many buttons with increased functionality ranging from recording macros to controlling web browser. It saves you lot of time.

Gamers: Gaming mice can be significantly accurate with DPI up to 10000. Higher DPI means more sensitivity and buttons will be more sensitive than a standard mouse.

Internet Users: A mouse with scroll wheel button is a must.

5. Trackball – Those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, a trackball mouse is suitable.

With all features, buying mouse could be a daunting experience, but with all these variations, one can tailor their particular need to their computing style. Make sure the size and shape are comfortable and which mouse to buy also depends on what will you use it for. Hope this article will help to make a decision and go for it!!