Learning Lisp

The basic concepts of Lisp are easily mastered. Some computer science courses don’t “teach” Lisp at all, but allow the students to pick it up from class examples. Most of the work of mastering Lisp comes from learning the large libraries of utilites available to Lisp programmers.This website gives information mostly about Common Lisp. (See also, related languages.) This site gives listings of booksreference material, and other resources. There is a also a guide to Lisp programming style which comes from the Lisp FAQ (a listing of Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers).

Below, we list some book categoriescourses, and on-line tutrorials

To get your feet wet, here’s some classic code:

(write-line "Hello, world.") ;Print the famous greeting.

;;; A function to produce the factorial of an integer.
(defun factorial (n)
   (if (= n 1)
       (* (factorial (- n 1)) n)))



On-Line Tutorials

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